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- Major Step Forward Towards Drought Tolerance in Crops
- Researchers Create More Efficient Hydrogen Fuel Cells
- Rare Element, Tellurium, Detected for the First Time in Ancient Stars
- Ancient Seagrass Holds Secrets of the Oldest Living Organism On Earth
- Artificial Thymus Tissue Enables Maturation of Immune Cells
- New Light Shed On Wandering Continents
- Icarus Experiment Measures Neutrino Speed: Even Neutrinos Are Not Faster Than Light
- Two New Species of Horned Dinosaur Named
- Bacteria Communicate by Touch, New Research Suggests
- Mom's Love Good for Child's Brain
- Microbiologists Can Now Measure Extremely Slow Life, Deep Ocean Study Shows
- Clocking an Accelerating Universe: First Results from BOSS
- Get Me out of This Slump: Visual Illusions Improve Sports Performance
- Detecting the 'Heartbeat' of Smallest Black Hole Candidate
- Tropical Sea Temperatures Influence Melting in Antarctica
- Tactic to Delay Age-Related Disorders
- Piranha Vs. Arapaima: Engineers Find Inspiration for New Materials in Piranha-Proof Armor
- First Ultraluminous Source in Andromeda Galaxy Unmasked as 'Normal' Stellar Mass Black Hole
- Clue as to Why Alcohol Is Addicting: Scientists Show That Drinking Releases Brain Endorphins
- Dreaming Takes the Sting out of Painful Memories, Research Shows
- Signs of Thawing Permafrost Revealed from Space
- Neanderthal Demise Due to Many Influences, Including Cultural Changes
- Fallout of a Giant Meteorite Strike Revealed in New Model
- Orientation of Ants: Every Cue Counts
- A Battle of the Vampires, 20 Million Years Ago?
- Growing Without Cell Division: Mechanism Responsible for Cell Polyploidy Pinpointed?
- Hiding in Plain Sight, a New Frog Species With a 'Weird' Croak Is Identified in New York City
- With Extra Gene, Mice Are Footloose and Cancer Free
- Demise of Early Large Animals Caused by Both Humans and Climate Change
- Neuron Memory Key to Taming Chronic Pain, New Research Suggests
- Nanoparticles in Food, Vitamins Could Harm Human Health, Researchers Warn
- Observations of Gamma-Ray Burst Reveal Surprising Ingredients of Early Galaxies
- Heart of Silk: Scientists Use Silk from the Tasar Silkworm as a Scaffold for Heart Tissue
- Ancient Depiction of Childbirth Discovered at Etruscan Site in Tuscany
- Brain Imaging Study Finds Evidence of Basis for Caregiving Impulse
- Who's the Boss? Research Shows Cells Influence Their Own Destiny
- Earthquake Friction Effect Demonstrated at the Nanoscale
- Ultracold Experiments Heat Up Quantum Research
- Friends and Loved Ones Yawn Together
- How the Tiger Got Its Stripes: Proving Turing's Tiger Stripe Theory
- Bigger Birds in Central California, Courtesy of Global Climate Change, Study Suggests
- Earth's Core Deprived of Oxygen
- Cassini Chronicles Life of Saturn's Giant Storm
- Easier Testing for Diabetics? Biochip Measures Glucose in Saliva, Not Blood
- Physicists Identify Room Temperature Quantum Bits in Widely Used Semiconductor
- Roots of Hunger and Eating: Plasticity in the Brain's Wiring Controls Feeding Behavior in Mice
- Archeologists Discover Huge Ancient Greek Commercial Area On Island of Sicily
- Weird World of Water Gets a Little Weirder
- NASA Develops Super-Black Material That Absorbs Light Across Multiple Wavelength Bands
- Multi-Purpose Photonic Chip Paves the Way to Programmable Quantum Processors
- Discovery On How Sugars Are Moved Throughout a Plant
- Images Capture Split Personality of Dense Suspensions
- RNA Interference Cancer Treatment? Delivering RNA With Tiny Sponge-Like Spheres
- First Spectroscopic Measurement of an Anti-Atom
- Scientists Turn On Fountain of Youth in Yeast
- Galaxy Cluster Hidden in Plain View
- More Flexible Window Into the Brain
- 'Lost World' Discovered Around Antarctic Vents
- Some Orbits More Popular Than Others in Planetary Systems
- Babies Understand Thought Process of Others at 10 Months Old, Research Suggests
- Early Primate Had Transitional Lemur-Like Grooming Claw
- Astronomers Pinpoint Launch of 'Bullets' in a Black Hole's Jet
- Robot Reconnoiters Uncharted Terrain
- Does Antimatter Weigh More, Less or the Same as Matter?
- Genetics of Endangered African Monkey Suggest Troubles from Warming Climate
- Scientists Create First Free-Standing 3-D Cloak
- Bioluminescence: Explanation for Glowing Seas Suggested
- World's Smallest Magnetic Data Storage Unit
- Researchers Identify Mysterious Life Forms in the Extreme Deep Sea
- Solving the Mysteries of Short-Legged Neandertals
- Tailored Optical Material from DNA: Light-Modifying Nanoparticles
- Targeting Bacterial Gas Defenses Allow for Increased Efficacy of Numerous Antibiotics
- H. Pylori Bacteria Linked to Blood Sugar Control in Adult Type II Diabetes
- Energy Harvesting: Wringing More Energy out of Everyday Motions
- How the Fly Flies: Scientists Discover Gene Switch Responsible for Flight Muscle Formation
- Ancient Dinosaur Nursery: Oldest Nesting Site Yet Found
- Predators Drive the Evolution of Poison Dart Frogs' Skin Patterns
- Ultra-Fast Outflows Help Monster Black Holes Shape Their Galaxies
- Evidence of Ancient Lake in California's Eel River Emerges
- Unprecedented, Human-Made Trends in Ocean's Acidity
- Plants 'Remember' Drought, Change Responses to Survive
- How Insects 'Remodel' Their Bodies Between Life Stages
- Testosterone Makes Us Less Cooperative and More Egocentric
- Hydrogen from Acidic Water: Potential Low Cost Alternative to Platinum for Splitting Water
- Discovery Uses 'Fracture Putty' to Repair Broken Bone in Days
- Future Forests May Soak Up More Carbon Dioxide Than Previously Believed
- Mid-Ocean Creatures Control Light to Avoid Becoming Snacks
- Nanotrees Harvest the Sun's Energy to Turn Water Into Hydrogen Fuel
- Protective Gene Discovered in Fat Cells
- White Rice Increases Risk of Type 2 Diabetes, Study Claims
- Runner's High Motivated the Evolution of Exercise, Research Suggests
- Titanium Paternity Test Fingers Earth as Moon's Sole Parent
- Sturdy Scandinavian Conifers Survived Ice Age
- Born to Roar: Lions' and Tigers' Fearsome Roars Are Due to Their Unusual Vocal Cords
- DNA Sequencing Helps Identify Cancer Cells for Immune System Attack
- Was the Little Ice Age Triggered by Massive Volcanic Eruptions?
- Ferroelectric Switching Discovered for First Time in Soft Biological Tissue
- Basketball-Sized Eyes Help Squids Play Defense
- Lab Mimics Jupiter's Trojan Asteroids Inside a Single Atom
- New Material Can Enhance Energy, Computer, Lighting Technologies
- Fastest Wind from Stellar-Mass Black Hole
- One of the World's Smallest Electronic Circuits Created
- New Theory Emerges for Where Some Fish Became Four-Limbed Creatures
- A Mitosis Mystery Solved: How Chromosomes Align Perfectly in a Dividing Cell
- Oil from Deepwater Horizon Disaster Entered Food Chain in the Gulf of Mexico
- Elusive Higgs Boson May Nearly Be Cornered
- City Lights Could Reveal E.T. Civilization
- 'Double Tsunami' Doubled Japan Destruction

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